Commute distances

I would like to know how far people travel on their train journeys (daily aggregate data). Basically I would like to know how people tap on at one particular station and tap off at another particular station. This is for a project to assess how people move about the city. For example, we can use such information assess which suburbs are providing labour to other suburbs, or how far people travel to attend sporting events. Is there any data that gives aggregated journey length between stations?

Hi @aterhorst, welcome to our forum!

Some datasets that might help you with what you’re looking for include “Journey to Work”, “Household Travel Survey” and any Opal related data.

You might not find exactly what you’re looking for but can deduce it from other figures, for example the Journey to Work datasets include an origin location and workplace location.

You can find these in our data catalogue.

You should also have a look at the Transport Performance and Analytics (TPA) website.


Thanks Alex. I am trying to wrap my head around the JTW workbooks. They specify points of origin (journey from) and workplace destinations (journey to) in separate workbooks. I am struggling to understand how these are linked. The explanatory notes state “provides a measurement of the distance travelled between a person’s Mesh Block of Usual Residence and Mesh Block of Place of Work”. I would like to create an adjacency matrix where matrix values represent number of people travelling between mesh blocks.