Access to more detailed vehicle registration statistics

Is there any chance of getting access to more detailed vehicle registration statistics?

I’m working on a project aimed towards various car enthusiast communities, and would like to use the vehicle registrations to get an idea of the size of these communities. For example, I’d like to be able to query how many JDM sports cars (Skylines, Supras, RX7’s, etc) are currently registered in NSW and/or Australia using a query that filters and aggregates by make, model, and year.

I’ve seen the comments about using the Blue Flag NEVDIS service, but it seems that the API can only be used to query individual VINs or rego numbers.

This information would have obvious value in various applications, and daresay that TfNSW have the capability to provide the data in such a format. I’m sure there are privacy considerations (maybe the owner of a rare superexotic doesn’t want anyone knowing it’s in NSW) but I doubt that they would be insurmountable.

I think you can only get make and not model. E.g.,

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