Motor Vehicle Registration

Does anyone know whether motor vehicle registration data kept by RMS is available via API from Opendata or somewhere else? I’m referring to the same data anyone can look up using the Services NSW App or the RMS website. You know, searching by ID Plate. Thanks,

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Hi @Kamikase,

Motor vehicle registration data is not currently available via the Open Data Hub - you need to use the RMS website or Service NSW app, as you know. We will investigate further, and potentially add to the roadmap. Regards

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Thanks for your reply Stephanie. Do you happen to know who should I contact at RMS or the respective government department in order to enquire about this?
There is an overseas private company offering API access to car rego data at $0.30 per query. That suggests to me that the API is readily available elsewhere and probably for free or at a consirable smaller cost. At $0.30 it is prohibitively expensive for us to use this third party: i tested their app and they sure have live access to the RMS records. I had just renewed my own car rego and the query through their app reflected that. Many thanks for your help.

Hi @Kamikase,

I will try to find you a contact at RMS, however you can request information via

Regards, Stephanie

Hey @Kamikase,

I’m in the same situation as you and I’m wondering did you end up getting access to the data?

Thanks in advance.
Lube Mobile

HI Lube_Mobile,

After a lot of enquiries, we were eventually contacted by NEVDIS letting us know that they had appointed a third-party contractor to set-up an official API gateway to their database. That contractor is called Blue Flag P/L and recently they contacted us to let us know that the API gateway is now ready. We are currently waiting to hear back from them regarding pricing. Unfortunately it is not going to be a free service, but hopefully it is not prohibitively expensive. We will see. You can contact Andrew Ryan at

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Does anyone know the details for the API access please? TIA

HI, you can contact Andrew Ryan at

BlueFlag now has the API working and it is available to the public.


Hi Silky098, send me an email and we’ll be able to provide you with the API details.
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More information about the Blue Flag NEVDIS service is here:

Is there any other option than Blue Flag and Both of the company is charging too much. It is more expensive than the 2$ PPSR check you can do on government website. Does this two company have monopoly on the API? :slight_smile: It should be open to any company who can connect and retrieve the data.