What would you use historic GTFS-realtime data for?

Hi Everyone. If we could make historic GTFS-realtime data available, what would you use it for?

This would be used for performance analysis, such as that done by Katie Bell in July 2018.

Katie said then: The planned data is always available, but the realtime data doesn’t seem to be saved for posterity – or at least TfNSW won’t admit it. They didn’t answer my plea on the Open Data users’ pages. [see post]. It is, however, available for a short period and the app developers such as GroSoft who sell TripView make it available to customers


For the reasons @austta suggested.

Furthermore I have a use-case that is to report on performance of particular runs on particular dates. This currently has to be collected close to the end of the active run, which isn’t always reliable. The focused run changes daily.


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Thank you for your feedback @austta and @coastalrev!

Since the XPT smash at Wallan, the ATSB will be interested in this.

The main issue for ATSB is the speed at which the train entered to 15 kph loop. THe data is probably on the loco logger, but .

Does it exist for this train? Can TfNSW make it available?

ATSB have put out a plea for anything they can get their hand on.

Have they asked for it?

Investigations are underway, and the ATSB will release a preliminary report within 30 days, but the final investigation could take months or even years to be finalised.

I have data since Nov 2018 with multiple gaps (sometimes week, sometimes couple of hours), but mostly complete.

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