Vehicle position API documentation


is there any documentation that can explain the response of vehicle position API?


Hi @dhamu143,

Have a look at the buses technical documentation -


can you please answer this question?


Hi @dhamu143, as we’ve stated in the past, we can’t really offer coding/programming assistance since there are many ways to build a solution and many programming languages available. We provide data to users and developers on an “as is” basis, meaning it’s up to you to read the documentation and learn how the data is structured and how it can be used. This is the philosophy of open data.

Most of the apps that are built use a combination of APIs and data to achieve their goal. The vehicle position API will just give you the position of a vehicle, not entirely useful for what you’re trying to do. Along with it, you might want to look at the trip update and trip planner APIs for stop sequences and stops in a trip or route.

At a technical level, you might want to discuss this further with another developer you know and can help you with the coding side of things. On the data side of things, all the documentation that we provide should be more than enough to learn how to use the data.