GTFS_R and GTFS Records

I am now able to get the data for Real time Vehicle positioning.

The data I received in real time vehicle position as Trip_id and Route_id column:

Trip_id has record like 99444 and Route_id has 2441_355.

I was assuming these id has to do something with Trip.txt and Route.txt file but when I looked into it was completely different.

Trip.txt and Route.txt were inside full_greater_sydney_gtfs_static.Zip downloaded from Direct Download Datasets.

Am I missing something here? can anyone put me to the right direction.

All I want to get is the route name and operator name from the data I receive using Real time Vehicle positioning.

Thanking you in advance


Hey Raven,

The GTFS static data doesn’t match up with the realtime data. To get timetable, stopping pattern, route info that matches the GTFS-R records, you need to use the Timetable - For Realtime end point rather than the static endpoint.

Hope that points you to the right direction.


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Hello Ken,
Thanks for your reply.
I would really appreciate if you could also tell me how to get the timetable- for Realtime end point.
Looks like i cant use api to download this information.

Also can you also tell me where to get the stop_point information from ?

Your help in this regard is much appreciated.


This is available via an API endpoint…

Hello Yvonne,
Is there a documentation on how to use above link.
I am really struggling on downloading the zip file from above link.

Your help is much appreciated.


You’ll need to get it the same way you downloaded the real time vehicle positioning data – using your OAuth2 token.

You’ll be able to see the different API endpoints in the API explorer.

If you were downloading the ZIP files using curl, it would look something like this:

curl -LkSs -o -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXX"