How to match route from GTFS realtime with static GTFS?


Hi! I managed to get realtime vehicle positions and now I want to find route information (such as route number, vehicle type) for realtime data. Entities look like this:

vehicle {
  trip {
    trip_id: "120821"
    start_time: "23:07:00"
    start_date: "20160419"
    schedule_relationship: SCHEDULED
    route_id: "2441_343"
  position {
    latitude: -33.8993835449
    longitude: 151.206314087
    bearing: 185.0
    speed: 10.3000001907
  timestamp: 1461073937
  congestion_level: RUNNING_SMOOTHLY
  vehicle {
    id: "11954_120821_2441_343_1"
  occupancy_status: FEW_SEATS_AVAILABLE

But I can’t find neither trip_id or route_id in routes.txt or trips.txt from static GTFS. What am I doing wrong?


I’m am looking into the same thing.

There are two GTFS sources. The and now the GTFS Real-time Timetables.

Are you using the GTFS For Real-time Timetables (You can see the option in the API Explorer)?


I tried to use the GTFS For Real-time Timetables, but for buses I got “Gtfs bundle for type schedule is not available for agency buses”.


We’re working on getting you the matching scheduled data… will post an update to the post about “Gtfs bundle for type schedule is not available for agency buses” when we have it up and running.