Can't match certain route_id values from GTFS Realtime feed to GTFS Static Data


Hi there.

We’re working with the GTFS Realtime feed for Sydney Buses. As expected, some of the TripUpdates being returned do not match up with scheduled trips in the GTFS Static feed; presumably these are ‘ad hoc’ or unscheduled trips. According to the GTFS Realtime specification, such TripUpdates will have a value in the TripDescriptor for route_id that MUST correspond with a route in the GTFS Static feed.

However, we’re not finding any of these routes in any of the corresponding static feed. We’re definitely using the GTFS Timetable For Realtime feed. Here are some examples of TripUpdates that can’t be linked to routes, retrieved at 15:35 GMT today:

 trip_update {
    trip {
      trip_id: ""
      start_time: "01:42:00"
      start_date: "20160812"
      schedule_relationship: SCHEDULED
      route_id: "99_880C"
  trip_update {
    trip {
	  trip_id: ""
	  start_time: "01:33:41"
	  start_date: "20160812"
      schedule_relationship: UNSCHEDULED
      route_id: "_175"

Can anybody explain what’s going on, or what we might be doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance



Hi Carl, thanks for the feedback.
Do you have the full entity for each of these examples by any chance?
Eg with entity id and the stopping pattern.