How can we get realtime vehicle position of single vehicle?

hello eveyone,
when i access vehicle position api it returns all the vehicle details of specific vehicle medium(bus ,train etc).

now suppose if i need single vehicle details then how can i filter that ? help me.

Hi @dhamu143

Probably best to use our Trip Planner API rather than the GTFS-r details.

Let us know if that works for you.

in that case , from which API I can get current position of vehicle?

Sorry, you won’t be able to get a single vehicle location using the APIs. For that, you are right in your initial investigations in that you need to use the GTFS-realtime data. However you will need to get all the data and then parse / filter that on your own infrastructure.

i think this real time data gets updated in very less time so it can create problem i think.

Hey @dhamu143 some of the developers ingest the data and provide it for their own apps via an API. Maybe theycan offer you access to their API?

oh , if it is possible then it will be great. :slight_smile:

Do you require the data be matched with what’s returned by the Trip Planner API?

Not sure what you are trying to do exactly, but I suppose you can call the https://…/gtfs/vehiclepos URL initially to get all the vehicles, and loop through all the vehicle to find the one you want. It will give you the vehicle position. I haven’t worked with the Trip Planner so don’t know how or if you need to match it with the Trip Planner API.

To be able to match the Realtime vehicle position feed you need to know the route ID or the trip ID of the journey. From what I have observed the JP API does not provide that. So the only way you can match to get a specific vehicle position is to use the GTFS realtime timetable data and match it that way. If you are trying to track a vehicle as to what trips they have taken over a course of a day, then that is not possible.

is there any perfect solution found for this problem?