Updated TXC and GTFS files (Buses)


Heads up there is a change in TXC and GTFS files with some agency IDs and agency names changing for some of the bus operators.

The Reference Tables will be updated to reflect this.

Sorry no table formatting in forum but these are the changes:

Old agency_id Old agency_name New agency_id New agency_name
BB Busways Western Sydney 2433 Busways Western Sydney
130 Interline Bus Service 2434 Interline Bus Services
22 Transdev NSW 2443 Transdev NSW
34 Forest Coach Lines 2445 Forest Coach Lines
129 Busabout 2446 Busabout
60 Hunter Valley Buses 2448 Hunter Valley Buses
64 Hunter Valley Buses 2450 Hunter Valley Buses
55 Red Bus Services 2453 Red Bus Service
73 Blue Mountains Transit 2454 Blue Mountains Transit