Operator Changes in Current GTFS


This message regards the static GTFS download.

I could not find guidance on the meaning of agencies included in previous publications but not present in the current ones.

For example,

Blanch’s Bus Company (5946)

Does not appear in the current real-time publications but did so in the past. I’m relying on searches of the .csv file of overlapping real-time agencies. Does this mean Blanch’s is no longer operating (aside from the non-real-time B048 agency_id) or just wasn’t updated in the current fileset?

Hi There,

earlier this week we updated the overlapping agencies file. There were a few agency name changes, we updated the Sydney Ferries agency_id for the complete GTFS download, plus we have add extra fields to indicate which real-time api feeds each agency uses.

This is the most up to date and current list of Transport Agencies who has data with TfNSW.

Check it out here: