Traffic Lights Location

This dataset contains the location of the traffic lights in New South Wales.

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Is this information also in OpenStreetMap?

Does this include local roads or only state roads? (Do local roads have traffic lights?)

Hey Jayen,

It could be on Open Street Map but we haven’t verified that. The data includes the traffic lights within the remit of TfNSW/RMS.


There’ve been some preliminary discussions over on the Maptime Australia Slack on linking the dataset and adding any missing ones.

Yep starting at


The OSM community worked through the locations which were flagged as missing in OSM and added them into OSM, it wasn’t a perfect comparison between the two datasets but we’ve captured most of the low hanging fruit. This was done through

There were a number of instances where the location of the TfNSW data was a fair bit off the actual location and where we manged to correct these we’ve added the reference number in OSM so future comparisons can easily pick these up.

We haven’t brought across all the reference numbers into OSM, only those locations which weren’t found in OSM now have the reference numbers.

Hi @andrew, is it easy to modify the CSV in the dataset to add a column with the status of the traffic light in OSM and distance? That could help TfNSW to fix up the “official” dataset.

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