TfNSW Station Names in other Languages

This dataset contains the translation (or transliteration) of every station or wharf in the Transport for NSW network in 12 languages:

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Is it possible to have consistency between traditional and simplified Chinese? For example, in simplified Chinese ‘Central Station’ is completely translated, whereas in traditional Chinese only the word ‘station’ is translated. Thanks

Thanks @hargaow - we noticed the same after publishing the initial set. We should be updating the Traditional Chinese set soon so it will match.

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Can I suggest a change to the German translations - some locations are named for their purpose in English such as the stops near universities and hospitals.

For Macquarie University Station
from – Bahnhof Macquarie University
to – Bahnhof Macquarie Universität

And UNSW Anzac Parade Light Rail
from – Stadtbahnhaltestelle UNSW Anzac Parade
to – Stadtbahnhaltestelle Universität zu NSW Anzac Parade
from – Stadtbahnhaltestelle UNSW High Street
to – Stadtbahnhaltestelle Universität zu NSW High Street

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Thanks Mat. We’ll make the appropriate changes.

Hi Mat,

We have made the suggested changes, updated spreadsheet published.

Hi all,

We have received feedback regarding the traditional and simplified Chinese translations and are working on some updates at the moment. The changes will include matching traditional and simplified Chinese words, and using the more commonly used terms by the Chinese community here in NSW. We will update the translation files once this is done.

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Why isn’t Tagalog in the selected 12 languages? While the majority - perhaps vast majority - of Filipinos who visit here speak very good to excellent English, some older relatives may struggle.

Filipinos are the fifth largest migrant community in Oz, and NSW has the most. Why are they ignored so much?

Thanks @NSWfan that is good feedback.
We go by feedback / research done on the communities’ language needs in NSW. I suspect it was the detail about “vast majority” being able to speak excellent English that may have affected it! We can definitely look into this further next time we do a round of station names into other languages.

I did an analysis on the 2011 Census on languages spoken at home for people in NSW who don’t speak English well or at all. It’s old and based on speaking not reading, but may be useful. As you may expect, with the vast majority of Filipinos in NSW speaking English well, Tagalog & Filipino are near the bottom of the list. It’s sorted by the Greater Sydney count in case you’re wondering why it’s not in strict order.

Language NSW Count
Chinese_Languages_Mandarin 36599
Chinese_Languages_Cantonese 36282
Vietnamese 29085
Arabic 28481
Korean 15827
Other 18134
Greek 13800
Italian 11083
Spanish 7181
Chinese_languages_Other 5129
Assyrian 4677
Turkish 4419
Khmer 3617
Serbian 4051
Language_spoken_at_home_not_stated 3880
Macedonian 5061
Iranic_languages_Persian_excluding_Dari 3296
Thai 3247
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Hindi 2811
Croatian 3027
Russian 2713
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Other 2616
Southeast_Asian_Austronesian_Languages_Indonesian 2454
Portuguese 2655
Japanese 2397
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Urdu 1975
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Bengali 1925
Tamil 1737
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Punjabi 2074
Iranic_languages_Dari 1627
Polish 1554
Samoan 1248
Southeast_Asian_Austronesian_Languages_Tagalog 1200
Maltese 1064
Iranic_languages_Other 780
French 844
Southeast_Asian_Austronesian_Languages_Filipino 665
Hungarian 661
German 749
Indo_Aryan_Languages_Sinhalese 425
Southeast_Asian_Austronesian_Languages_Other 303
Dutch 258
Australian_Indigenous_Languages 74
Persons_Speaks_English_only 0
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2011 census may not be very reliable. If you look at 2019 ABS migration figures, there’s 100K more Filiopinos in Aus (most relocating to NSW). Migration, Australia, 2018-19 financial year | Australian Bureau of Statistics

Hi all, we have updated the chinese translation files.

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Would it be possible to have these translations provided as part of the existing GTFS feeds as a translations.txt file? This has been accepted into GTFS not too long ago:

Hey @adrian, we currently do not have it in our plans to include into translations.txt but will ask our internal teams to consider it.

Central Station, Platform 25 is in Surry Hills, but all the other platforms are in Haymarket. Is Surry Hills an error?

Hi @jayen,

The translated stop name dataset was derived from the list of stops in TSM, which includes ‘suburb’, so to keep datasets consistent we have left Central Station, Platform 25 as in Surry Hills.

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