Train Station Entrance Locations

This dataset contains a list of every entrance for every station in NSW. The data includes street name, street type, entrance type and location (latitude and longitude) of the entrance.

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We’re planning on extending this data to include names of exits/entrances in the new year.

Hi TfNSW :slight_smile: Is it possible to publish these data with some kind of key that corresponds to the GTFS data (for example, stop_name or stop_id)? It’s possible to match up the data yourself, but it’s tedious as there are lots of spelling and naming mistakes in these data, for example “Chester Hil” instead of “Chester Hill”, “Domestic” instead of “Domestic Airport”, “Ersineville” instead of “Erskineville”, etc. Thank you!

Hi, does the dataset contain stations are no longer operational? For example, Carlingford station.

If so, is it possible to include a field to label it?