Sydney Metro Realtime Data

When can we expect realtime endpoints for Metro North West?
As I understand it will be opening in May and it would be good to get some test data running soon?

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Hi @mattdavidson, we will release them soon, keep an eye on the forum!


@alejandro.felman how soon?
I’ve checked /v1/gtfs/schedule and /v1/gtfs/vehiclepos/ but nothing related to Metro.

Hi @ondrej, apologies about this, as Metro services ramp up over the next few weeks, we’re continuing to test real time data to make sure it’s accurate and reliable for customers.

In the meantime, the turn up and go Metro service will continue, customers can plan their trip against the time table, check info screens at platforms and listen to announcements.

You can find the scheduled data in this temporary GTFS bundle that we posted when Metro services begun -

Once the data is ready we will update our APIs to include Metro services.

Thank you.