Newcastle Light Rail data and changes to Inner West Light Rail APIs


From today GTFS data is available for Newcastle Light Rail via the Public Transport – Timetables – For Realtime API, Public Transport – Realtime Trip Updates API, and Public Transport Realtime Vehicle Positions API.

Regular services will commence from 18 February 2019, for more information see the story published on

You will also notice that along with the new lightrail/newcastle feeds, the existing Sydney Light Rail feed URL has moved from /lightrail to /lightrail/innerwest. The existing /lightrail endpoint is still active, but you will need to move to lightrail/innerwest in the next 2 weeks, after which time it will be decommissioned.

Newcastle Light Rail data will also be included in the next complete GTFS and TXC exports.

This service operates on a “turn up and go” basis, so while delays are passed on in the trip updates feed as per GTFS Realtime spec, services will operate to headway throughout the day. Therefore we strongly encourage only displaying predicted arrival times without delays, in line with the similar turn up and go services listed here


We will be loading a new bundle tomorrow at 9am with data only for that day (Thu 7 Feb) for testing purposes. You may pull this data if you would like to do your own testing but please don’t load it into any customer facing products since the service is not open to customers yet.



The production bundle is back up now, returning to business as usual.