Sydney Ferries GTFS for 25 October service changes

From 25 October 2020 Sydney Ferries route F4 will be divided into two new routes, F4 and F9.
The data for this service change will not appear in the Sydney Ferries realtime GTFS bundle until 25 October. Therefore current Sydney Ferries production data is only accurate up to 24 October inclusive.

The new data for services from 25 October will be made available here until 25 October when it will enter the production feed.

The complete GTFS bundle will contain full service change data from tonight’s export.

More information on Sydney Ferries service changes is available here:

An update to this service change. The production Sydney Ferries GTFS bundle ( will now include F9 data ahead of the 25 October go live. Data is expected to drop shortly.
However the F4 route name, colour code etc will not be updated until evening 24 Oct/early morning Oct 25.
Consumers are welcome to use the temporary dataset posted above, or use the Complete GTFS bundle for the correct F4 attributes.

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