Station Floor Plan Data


I recently observed some Train station floor plan data popup into OpenStreetMap, eg. OpenLevelUp!

The detail and exact positioning led me to suspect that it was more than someone independently mapping but rather from an existing floorplan map. The person who did these uploads says they get the data partly from NSW Transport.

Does TfNSW publish station floor plans as open data? Where can I access it?

Hi Andrew

We’ve been chasing this data (or rather I have!) for a long time. Unfortunately we just don’t have this data in any usable format.

Can you advise what sort of use you want it for so we can push harder for this data to be released? (The issue is not getting the information but rather the accuracy and the currency of the data.)


I want it so I know where the exit is at the station where I will get off, so I can walk to the appropriate carriage beforehand.

It’s also nice for general walking directions. I always get lost in Central.

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Thanks Yvonne, I appreciate it might not be in a usable format, after all I’m not aware of any leading format/schemas for multi-level indoor floor plans.

It was more out of interest rather than any specific use, and to assess the viability of how it could be better integrated into OpenStreetMap to aid and enhance navigation, so applications can route directly to a platform from wherever they may be.

Just some additional information – We found out today the mapping of Chatswood Station was done by one of the Beacon Challenge participants. Hence the level of detail. You are correct as we did provide an underlying map that was to scale and provided some augmented information.