OperatorId on GTRS realtime

The operator ID on the entity.id in GTFS-Realtime doesn’t appear to match any of our existing data sets. I’m probably just looking in the wrong place ! If I’ve got (for example) entity.id = 23537__2444_ 99T8 _1121453, can anybody tell me what the 23537 OperatorID relates to ? We’re expecting it to be a Bus Operator - I checked the Operators here : https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/dataset/public-transport-location-facilities-and-operators but they are all 900xxx IDs.

Hi @andymacjones, I know this is a bit confusing but that dataset you’re referring to doesn’t correspond to the number in the entity_id field. If you simply want to know what operator/agency is operating that route/trip then just have a look at the 2xxx number then match that number to the list in the agency.txt file. In the example you provided it’s 2444, which is Transdev NSW.

For more information on each field please have a look at our documentation.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Just in case the context is missing, I’m looking at this for Emergency Bussing rather than scheduled services.

I’ve grabbed an updated buses dataset and have the agency.txt file that gives me the 2xxx entries. That 4 digit entry refers to the “Contract” (TodisContract).

What we’d like to know (if possible) is for a given GTFS-R Vehicle who the Operator is (i.e., the bus company) - that is what I expected the OperatorID to provide for us. If that first 5 digit number doesn’t refer to an operator ID what does it refer to ?

Hi @andymacjones, the agency ID = the operator (bus company) for that vehicle/trip. So for what you’re trying to figure out you should look at the 4 digit 2xxx number.

The five digit number at the beginning of the ID is just an internal identifier from our operational systems and the operator ID in that facilities and operators dataset is also an internal ID that is completely unrelated to the GTFS feed.