New Endpoint for Replacement Bus GTFS schedules

We now have a dedicated endpoint for Replacement Bus schedules when operators send data to us.
This is a subset of the /buses bundle.

It currently contains the below routes for T3 shutdown from 28 June.

Corresponding realtime data will be available in the /buses trip update and vehpos feeds.

The list of overlapping GTFS agency_ids has also been updated.
Note that this bundle will include buses/PRBSL001 for Light Rail replacement bus data moving forward.

7012_51T3,“7012”,“51T3”,“Hurlstone Park, then all stations to Sydenham”
7012_52T3,“7012”,“52T3”,“Bankstown, then Padstow”
7014_53T3,“7014”,“53T3”,“Punchbowl, Wiley Park, then Beverly Hills”
7020_10T3,“7020”,“10T3”,“Bankstown, then all stations to Sydenham”
7020_54T3,“7020”,“54T3”,“Lakemba, Belmore then Kingsgrove”
7020_55T3,“7020”,“55T3”,“Canterbury, then Central”

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