New real-time data feeds for buses in Bomaderry/Nowra and Albury, and new operators in Tamworth

Real-time bus data for 2 additional regions of NSW are now available via the API gateway.
These new regions are centred around centered around Bomaderry/Nowra (/sydneysurrounds) and Albury (/riverinamurray2). All new endpoints are listed below.
New operators in Tamworth are in existing /newenglandnorthwest feeds.

The following operators will be included in the next Complete GTFS bundle, and have been added to the reference table of GTFS agencies.

agency_ID agency_name
5407 Stuarts Coaches
5474 Shoalbus
5864 Nowra Coaches
5975 Kennedy’s Bus And Coach
6008 Nowra Coaches
6011 Shoalbus
6140 Kennedy’s Bus And Coach
5139 Cann’s Bus Management
5142 Lieschke Buslines
5189 Lieschke Buslines
5263 Martins Albury
5422 Cann’s Bus Management
5455 Lieschke Buslines
5456 Lieschke Buslines
5485 Kanes Buses
5520 Martins Albury
5662 Martins Albury
5665 Martins Albury
5703 Cann’s Bus Management
5974 Cann’s Bus Management
6012 Martins Albury
6040 Dysons Buslines
5961 Tamworth Buslines
5943 Hannafords Coaches
5764 Tamworth Buslines
5731 Hannafords Coaches
5287 Macphersons Tamworth
5112 Mason Buses
5533 Macphersons Tamworth
5411 BusBiz

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