Misc Facts

  • XPT trains consume 3.56Litres of Diesel per kilometre travelled
  • Journey to Work data showed that in 2016, people in Regional NSW travelled to work using the following modes of transport:
    • Car (91%)
    • Walking (4%)
    • Public Transport (3%)
    • Cycling + other (2%)

Tourism & Transport

  • In 2017, our transport network carried more than 35.7 million overnight visitors around NSW, connecting them to unique destinations and experiences across our beautiful state.

Road Safety Plan 2021

  • 2014 had the lowest road toll of 307, while the peak was 1,384 in 1978
  • In 2017, 392 people lost their lives on NSW roads, with almost 70% of those occurring on country roads
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Hi Sabrina

Very insightful information. Is there info on electric trains running on the city network.It should be interesting to compare.

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