Live Traffic Hazards

Incidents, Fires, Floods, Alpine Conditions, Major Events and Roadworks information including GPS coordinates in GeoJSON format.

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Hi, I am unable to find the API key for major event data. Appreciate your help on this.

The Error 401 -The application calling the API has not been authenticated. is generated by majorevent/all, /majorevent/closed, /majorevent/open

Hi @Ruwangi, we haven’t encountered any issues with this API. Please make sure you have set up your application correctly and acquired an API key. You can follow this user guide if you get stuck. Let me know how you go.


Hi Alex,
I am able to collect the current major event data through the API. Is it possible to get access to the major event data for the past year?

Hi, I am seeking historic data on incidents. The livedata API only seems to include incidents within the last ~24 hours. I would like access to a longer period, in particular I’m trying to get a list of road closures due to fires in the past few months. Is this data stored or is it discarded once it is no longer “live”, and is it available by API?

Hi @GeoWonk. Yes this is possible. However, the reporting will not have the latitude/longitude or polyline cords and will only include main streets and cross street information. Will you still find that level of detail useful for your intended purpose?

There has been requests for historical live traffic data. While we investigate what we can provide, we also know @jxeeno has created a historical archive for NSW Live Traffic alerts. You can find this at: GitHub - jxeeno/nsw-service-alerts-historical: historical archive of the Transport for NSW public transport service alerts feed

Any update on the historical live traffic data request? Also would be great if further information can be provided on how to retrieve information from @jxeeno historical archive for NSW Live Traffic alerts.
Thank you

Hi @Ruwangi. We are working on this internally and will update the forum when this has been made available.

Hi there,

Specifically about the NSW Live Traffic historical archive - that can be found here: GitHub - jxeeno/nsw-livetraffic-historical at data. This is a git repository where we poll and update the data over time.

We have data dating back about 4 months at this point. e.g. looking at the incidents.geojson file, you can see the history here: History for data/incident.geojson - jxeeno/nsw-livetraffic-historical · GitHub

Whilst the git repository will store the history, at this point in time, I haven’t implemented an easy way to extract out all the alerts for a particular timeframe. That’s something we’re looking to do and release as open source in the future… but if you get to it earlier, please let us know!

Thanks, a lot and looking forward to an update.

Hi @eneida.raya as mentioned in your comment are we able to receive information of historical events , main street and cross streets information, Im after 2018 and 2019 major events / public events information. Thanks

Hi @Ruwangi. I’ve checked internally, and they are only at the early stages of working on the historical archive for NSW Live Traffic data. We do not have an ETA on this, however, I believe the data will be made available in the long-term rather than the short-term.

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Hi @Ruwangi,

Historical Traffic API is now live - Historical Traffic API | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal


I noticed that there is a line feature dataset related flooding from Live Traffic website, can I access this data by any chance? Thanks

Hi @xin,

This data isn’t available on TfNSW Open Data at this stage, it is sourced from Floods Near Me.


Hi @xin,

We’ve received a little more info on this - the source is Manly Hydraulics Laboratory. You can try them.


Hi @jyoung6 ,

Thanks for the information, I will try them.