July News Roundup (it's a big one!)

Smart-cities traffic management technology set for major upgrade
Transport for NSW today announced a major investment in the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS), setting up a dedicated team to accelerate the development of the technology and software and to expand its commercial activities.

Miami installs smart city kiosks for connectivity and services
Each kiosk will serve as a free wi-fi hotspot and is location-aware, displaying information specific to the surrounding area, which includes detailed wayfinding, events and civic resources.

Azure to host worlds largest geospatial data platform, over 100 petabytes of 3D data
3D data company Euclideon has signed a partnership with Microsoft, unveiling plans to build the world’s largest geospatial data platform on the Azure cloud.

Transport for London using wi-fi network to provide real-time Tube occupancy information
Public transport users in London can now get a real-time picture of how busy the Underground network is thanks to a new feature on a Transport for London (TfL) app which uses wi-fi signals in Tube stations to assess passenger numbers.

Philadelphia challenge to use AR to upgrade transit accessibility
Proposals for the Septa for All: Augmenting Transit with Augmented Reality challenge can address any segment of a transit journey from trip planning through to arriving at a destination

Companies join forces to offer accessible on-demand mobility
With Bird and Scootaround, persons with disabilities will be able to find, reserve and pay for one of three accessible vehicle types using a custom rider interface available only in the Bird app.

Why the green economy is an opportunity for MaaS
Across the globe, nations are heavily committed to make our economy greener. With 80% of the world’s energy coming from fossil fuels, the move to a low carbon economy needs governments to work together on robust climate policies.

Technology partnership brings the autonomous future a step closer
Technologies from AWS and Vodafone have been used to power the Aurriga driverless shuttle used in the first- and last-mile trial taking place in the UK city of Cambridge.

Achieving Sustainable Urban Transportation System for India
Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by United Nations Member States, each of them is making efforts to fulfill the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Tokyo named most innovative city in annual ranking
The win was attributed to strong technology application, digital capability and pandemic performance and, for the first time in 14 years, more than half of the top 100 cities were from the US.

MaaS to displace 2.2 billion private cars by 2025
Juniper Research reports that MaaS will displace 2.2 billion private cars by 2025. To make this possible, Juniper says government investment in MaaS is key and providers should maximise opportunities as the world returns to normalcy.

Moovit and Voi boost micromobility options in UK cities
Moovit’s mobility app will show users where Voi e-scooters and e-bikes are available nearby in 16 UK cities, including Northampton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool and Bristol.

USDA announces upgrades to its Agricultural Transportation Open Data Visualization Platform
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has announced that it has upgraded its Agricultural Transportation Open Data Platform with new datasets and dashboards about the four modes—rail, truck, barge and ocean vessel—used to transport agricultural products.

Delhi govt partners with Google to provide real-time bus tracking service
Google has said it is glad to work with the Delhi transport ministry in launching real-time transit information for the DIMTS agency.

Organisations partner to build smart city platform in Vietnam
Daewoo E&C Vina, Bespin Global and the accelerator SparkLabs Korea plan to build and operate a smart city-integrated management platform for the Starlake City project in Hanoi.

Public IoT network to be available throughout Seoul by 2023
Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to build 421km of network with 1,000 base stations by 2023, providing a range of IoT services previously available via mobile networks.

Russian self-driving robots selected for student food delivery across US campuses
US online food-ordering and delivery platform Grubhub has announced a partnership with Russia’s Yandex Self-Driving Group as its robot delivery provider.

Awards recognise smart city progress made by North America municipalities
Projects ranging from the use of AI and machine learning to inspect roadways to a housing rights challenge were among those highlighted as making “unprecedented progress”.

Madrid to make public transport free during morning peak hours
The Spanish capital Madrid has unveiled a range of plans to support a return to public transport which includes a trial in September for public transport to be free in the morning peak hours.

Autonomous street sweeper pilot moves to Helsinki Airport
The trial is exploring how the sweepers can support facilities maintenance work in busy closed areas such as parking lots with parked and moving cars, as well as pedestrians and building pillars.

Public transport data and the next steps for better operations
Ticketer Group CEO Andy Monshaw tells Intelligent Transport how improved understanding of the data available to operators is set to transform the public transport industry, bring back passengers after the pandemic and enable better decision making across the sector.

Public organisations are next to adopt open innovation
Here’s what they can learn from Transport for London.

Chicago street furniture used to launch air quality sensing pilot
Data from sensors will be accessible to the public on smartphones by scanning a QR code and will also be fed into the Chicago Open Data portal.

ITS (UK) to launch new forum dedicated to data
The UK’s Intelligent Transport Society (ITS (UK)) will set up an expert forum to discuss and develop ideas on how the growing amount of data in the transport/mobility sector can be best used.

How IoT technology is making parking smarter in Wolfsburg
Mathias Petri, founder and CSO, StoneOne and Annelore Burggraf, senior consultant, Wolfsburg, explain how the German city is using FIWARE technology to tackle parking problems.

AI-based platform aims to accelerate MaaS in Japan
The platform integrates all available mobility models and, as well as making more travel options accessible for riders, it provides data services to analyse mobility trends.

UK publishes plan to decarbonise its entire transport system by 2050
The UK Government has published its long-awaited Transport Decarbonisation Plan which provides a ‘greenprint’ to cut emissions from “seas and skies, roads and railways, setting out a pathway for the whole transport sector to reach net zero by 2050”.

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