News Roundup

More aboard as public transport capacity increases
More people will be able to climb aboard public transport next week when capacity increases across all services to help support the State’s COVID-19 recovery. Read more.

Transport for NSW looks to quantum future with Q-CTRL
TfNSW has enlisted the help of Sydney-based quantum computing startup Q-CTRL to tackle transport network management and congestion problems across the state’s public transport network. Read more.

All your transport options in one place: why mobility as a service needs a proper platform
It has happened with software, computing and entertainment, but we’re still waiting for the platform needed for mobility as a service to reach its full potential. Read more.

AI e-scooter programme to begin in Dublin
The pilot is reportedly the first of its kind in Ireland, with the research team hoping to gather important real-world data to help shape future e-scooter roll outs. Read more.

Survey suggests cars will remain dominant post-pandemic
A new survey has suggested that encouraging people back onto public transport will not be a simple task once restrictions ease further in the UK. Read more.

The pandemic effect: where will it put mobility in 2025?
TomTom’s Andy Marchant discusses future mobility scenarios for 2025 sparked by the changes seen in 2020. Read more.

Broken Hill coach trials extended
NSW TrainLink Broken Hill to Adelaide and Mildura coach trials have been extended for another year. Read more.

Bikes on buses in the bush trial
This trial is being rolled out in Wagga Wagga next month. This trial will see bike racks fitted onto the front of buses on the 960 bus route and may be used on different routes throughout the city, allowing users to combine a bike ride with a bus trip. Read more.

Getting cities ready for driverless vehicles
Driverless mobility will fundamentally change city networks, but how can these locations prepare for an autonomous future. Read more.

In-vehicle connected services: the moving computer
With connected vehicles arriving on the road in ever greater numbers, Cognizant’s Rohit Gupta outlines the disruption ahead. Read more.

Sydney MaaS trial: Design, implementation, lessons, the future
The MaaS trial in Sydney project, running since April 2019, has concluded, and a final report on the project has been released. Read more.

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