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In our regular News Roundups we feature recent news in open data, transport, mobility and more.

Google Street View is now available inside more than 100 train stations
Google Street View will soon be available inside more than 100 train stations across Sydney, making trip planning easier.

Savings on demand for BRIDJ customers
Transport for NSW has today announced that On Demand customers in the Inner West will be able to save up to $2 each trip when connecting their On Demand trip to other public transport services.

Mobility As A Service’ Concept Promises To Revolutionize Transport Accessibility
The big opportunity for travelers with disabilities is that one of the core principles underpinning MaaS, that of customization and personalization based on user preferences and habits, creates an intuitive and obvious overlap with accessibility requirements.

Beam and Moovit announce partnership in Sydney and Canberra
The two companies say the partnership is a way to get cars off roads in Sydney and Canberra, as many travellers use personal vehicles to get to and from transport hubs.

Mobility app to identify location of rideables in Sydney and Canberra
Moovit will show riders in both Australian cities where Beam e-bikes and e-scooters are available for more alternative and convenient first- and last-mile micromobility options.

How Transport for NSW is tapping machine learning
Transport agency in New South Wales taps machine learning to restore public confidence in the state’s transportation network amid the pandemic

All your transport options in one place: why mobility as a service needs a proper platform
The public clearly has an appetite for mobility as a service. People want to plan, book and pay for various forms of transport via a digital platform.

Beam showcases latest in e-mobility innovation ahead of upcoming Victorian e-scooter trial
Beam Mobility, APAC’s leading micromobility company, today revealed its lineup of best-in-class e-scooter and e-bike vehicles in Melbourne ahead of the newly announced e-mobility trial in Victoria.

Monaco launches mobility-as-a-service application for buses, e-bikes and parking
The principality has collaborated with Flowbird on the free mobile application that allows users to securely plan and pay for their trips via a single ticket, pass, bus or bicycle subscription.

Bird reveals new ‘eco-conscious’ shared scooter model
The third-generation e-scooter was developed to be the “safest, easiest to use and most environmentally sustainable” e-scooter on the market, owing to technological advancements.

First- and last mile e-scooter pilot launches in Berlin
Lime is working with Swiftmile to add fixed charging stations for e-scooters at highly frequented hubs in the service area, which focuses on the outskirts of the city to the Brandenburg border.

Transport for London gives walkers green light
Eighteen pedestrian crossings in London have been programmed to show a continuous green person signal until traffic approaches to prioritise walkers.

Cambridge launches autonomous passenger shuttle trial
The custom-made passenger shuttles from engineering firm Aurrigo will operate a 20-minute journey around the West Cambridge site and will run autonomously for the majority of the route.

Singapore study reveals benefits of e-scooter use in transport networks
The study shows that e-scooter use is most likely to be highest when transfer and walking time between transit journeys is the longest, with e-scooters providing valuable last-mile benefits.

Smart trams deployed across Florence tram network
Trams in the Italian city of Florence have been fitted with sensors in a bid to collect data and utilise it to improve the safety of both trams and private vehicles.

Electric buses coming to the Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches
Sydney’s Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches will soon benefit from a new fleet of electric buses and permanent On-Demand services, after Keolis Downer was appointed the new operator of local bus services.

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