June News Roundup

TfL e-scooter trial begins with small group of boroughs
Londoners will be able to rent e-scooters in the capital for the first time after TfL’s decision to trial the micromobility mode in select areas of the city.

AI can predict Melbourne traffic 3 hours from now
Victoria’s extended ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown may be testing the patience of the state’s residents, but its major changes in traffic flow have been a valuable source of new data for an AI algorithm that can accurately predict local traffic flows three hours into the future.

Dubai’s RTA announces zero-emissions plan
Dubai’s RTA has backed a plan drawn up to significantly cut emissions from public transport in the UAE city, as the country looks to meet climate goals in the coming years.

Charging Ahead with Local Manufacturing
The first locally manufactured electric buses will roll out in Sydney later this year, as the NSW Government charges ahead with its plan to electrify the bus fleet by 2030.

Moovit calls on its community to report crowding levels on public transport
The mobility-as-a-service solutions provider is enabling riders in 3,400 cities across 112 countries to help one another avoid the crowds as restrictions ease and public transport usage increases.

New Reforms for Point to Point Industry
A comprehensive package of reforms is set to transform the point to point transport industry, while creating a more competitive taxi sector and cheaper fares for customers.

UK’s first “accredited mobility hub” unveiled in London
The hub will feature electric car club bay, EV charging facilities, as well as community spaces and access to the London Underground network nearby.

Voi to add artificial noise to e-scooters
Voi says it will work with the RNIB to assess the results of the scheme, which will also involve making its scooter racks more visible to those with impaired vision.

NSW Government’s Electric Vehicle Strategy
The NSW Government is investing almost half a billion dollars in tax cuts and incentives to drive uptake and reduce barriers for electric vehicle (EV) purchases over the next four years.

Cleanliness and safety key to getting passengers back onto buses
Occupancy data and incentives such as discounted fares are options bus operators could utilise in order to entice passengers back onto buses according to Transport Focus.

HITRANS launches MaaS app in Scottish Highlands
It’s hoped the app will help provide better information and access to transport in the Highlands and islands region of Scotland, an area which can be difficult to navigate via public transport.

Mobile coverage so be rolled out across London Underground network
Londoners will be able to enjoy mobile coverage on the city’s Tube network by the end of 2024, but some of the city’s stations will see work begin very soon.

Dashcams and big data used to identify issues on US roadways
Blyncsy will use the billions of images collected by Nexar’s dashcams to identify issues on US roadways and report them to the state and local governments that maintain them.

E-scooter safety board calls for speed limits
A new e-scooter safety group is calling for a speed limit on all scooters, as well as the implementation of a mandatory noise to be fitted to vehicles in order to alert vulnerable road users.

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