Information about road closures affecting bus routing

With the new timetable for the 161 North Head Loop bus service coming into effect tomorrow, the previous caveat that the service runs as a short working only as far as the Quarantine Station has been removed. This short working was caused by the run-around loop at North Head being closed by a fire in October. The National Park Service say that this is unlikely to change until at least late this year and possibly not until 2022. There was an interesting incident a couple of weeks ago when an articulated bus when down to North Head by mistake and then had to back into a 3-point turn in a narrow parking bay to return. The driver later said “ I knew I wasn’t supposed to go down there, but the GPS said I could – so I did.”

So a generic question arises – how does TfNSW learn of such things – does it have to ask or does it require that the road managers have to be pro-active by forwarding road closure and re-opening information on their own initiative.

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