Headsign for loop service

I’m having trouble with the headsigns for some loop services, such as the 373 Coogee bus. trips.trip_headsign reads “Coogee Beach” and there is only one direction_id, presumably because it’s a loop.

Of course the actual bus headsign doesn’t read “Coogee Beach” as it heads to the city, it reads “Circular Quay” or something. What’s the best way to get an appropriate headsign for such situations?

@Bruceat Yes loops are always a tricky one.

As a TfNSW standard the loop service trip headsigns should be labelled:
Coogee via Museum

regardless of the direction travelled on the ground. Also we advise the Operator to only submit loop services in their data feeds in one direction (the inbound direction).

I can check what Transdev John Holland are currently doing and ask if they can amend their data files.

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Actually it looks like for loop services, the current destination should be defined in stop_times.stop_headsign.

To indicate the changing direction of travel, provide stop_headsigns in the stop_times.txt file. The stop_headsign describes the direction for trips departing from the stop for which it 's defined. Adding stop_headsigns to each stop of a trip allows you to change the headsign information along a trip.

However I’m not seeing this defined for anything but a handful of regional trains.

Hey @Bruceat , yes buses currently do not populate the stop_headsigns in the stop_times.txt file. All headsign information is in the trip.txt file.There is a reason for this :slight_smile: I can confirm.

In the meantime you could have a chat with @jxeeno who has also encountered similar issues for loops :slight_smile:

Thanks @Marcie.

Out of curiosity, could you say why the stop_headsigns are not populated? In the absence of this, is there any information available that can allow me to match the actual headsigns displayed on the bus?

To illustrate the problem I’m having, there are two bus stops across the road from each other, each serving the 375 in opposite directions. I want to be able to clearly tell people the direction of travel, but they both report Eastgardens, which would be very confusing for users.