GTFS-R Service Alerts now available for all modes

GTFS-R service alerts for all transport modes are now available! You can browse them all here:

Previously we have only supplied Sydney Trains GTFS-R service alerts, and users either had to apply their own matching using the Trip planner add_info API or use alternative feeds for other modes.

The new feeds are supplied as an aggregation of all alerts, and also split up into separate modes - and even trackwork alerts - to allow users to consume as they wish. Note that the pre-existing Sydney Trains alerts feed is unchanged.

In another improvement, the feeds also use the multi-lingual capability in GTFS-R to encode both “language = en” for the plain text version, and “language = en/html” for the html version, which supports richer content and caters for more complicated formatting/linking that can happen in alerts.


It also seems to support JSON, for those who can’t/won’t consume protocol buffers/gtfs-realtime format.

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