GTFS-Realtime Alerts Empty

The buses GTFS-R alerts feed is empty while the Twitter feed shows important alerts.

I think the public is learning the real-time feed is unreliable.

Can you say what information is published in the GTFS-R alerts feed?


Hi @Webmaster, the alerts feed does not provide service alerts for buses. You need to look at the ‘add info’ endpoint in the Trip Planner API. This is stated in multiple places including our troubleshooting page and our buses technical documentation.

I encourage you to read all the documentation we have to understand how everything works and fits together.


Thank you.

Oops, okay I see the technical documentation says it is not available for buses.

Looks like you’re setup for buses but it’s not done yet.

Do you have plans for buses?

Any estimate on when to check back?


We’re working on it but don’t have an ETA at the moment.

Recommendation for now is to use the Trip Planner API or you can follow this blog post as mentioned in our troubleshooting page, which points to this alerts feed.