Geo Location data for Train Stations and Major Bus Terminals


Just joined the forum so I hope I’m not asking a noob question that has an obvious answer…

Anyway, as per the subject, I would like to obtain data on the Latitude/Longitude of all train stations (and major bus/ferry terminals if available). I will take raw data but would prefer an API to obtain the data based on a name e.g. Central Station.

So any chance someone with more knowledge in this field can provide an answer.



Hi Moldywarpe,

Welcome :slight_smile: Go and check out the Trip Planner APIs. The /coord API should give you what you need.


Thanks for the info.
I take it that I can:

  1. utilise the /stop_finder operation of the trip finder API to pass a station name and receive the coordinates back.
  2. utilise the /coord operation of the trip finder API to pass a geo-location and return the relevant POIs (including train stations) within a predefined area from the passed geo-location

Does that appear to be correct?
Also, what is involved in accessing the API’s and are there any costs involved per call? Ideally I would like to call programmatically using C#.



Actually I’ve just found the OpenData developer page so might be fine for now.



So you use the stopfinder API to receive location matches for an input string, so for example if I send “central” to the API then I should receive Central Station as one of the location matches returned. There should be a weighted list returned. I can then use that resolved location for other trip planning API calls. For each location object returned, you will get the coordinates for that location.

For coord API, you submit an XY coord and a radius and it will tell you what’s around that. You can specify to only return certain types of locations, e.g. stops.

Hope that helps. You should be able to find answers to your other questions on the open data hub.


Thanks Vic - yes I will use the stopfinder to obtain the coords however as I will be comparing to a mobile device’s GPS location I will not need to use the coord API.

FYI - this is a POC for a feature within a VR application which would allow a user to select a destination e.g. Central Station and be notified upon approach to the station by comparing the VR device’s GPS location with the destination’s GPS coordinates… without having to remove the VR headset :slight_smile:

Now just have to code up the request…