Location Facilities data and api

Can you please provide a link to documentation of what location facilities are available by the APIs, and how, or via a download? Especially for accessibility information about a stop. Can it be accessed, and how does an application get access to this data?

You can get the Location Facilities information via direct download.

Just register and then login to the Open Data hub and the “dashboard” page (which you see when you first login) has a Direct Download including for Facilities and Operators.

I have signed up to download via the API to get the stops.txt tile and it looked different to one that I downloaded manually via the open data portal. The API file was missing lots of information regarding location_type, the data was available though in the manually downloaded file. Which is the best source to download via an API for the public transport stops so I can determine between bus stops, ferry wharfs etc without having to do it manually?