Fare Compliance Survey Results Data

This dataset provides results data from the Fare Compliance Survey Results reports from November 2012 to the latest report. The fare compliance survey is conducted twice yearly in May and November, and is designed to measure the incidence of non-compliance and associated revenue loss across the public transport network.

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When clicking on Download the data files are downloading with the names ‘Fare’ and ‘Data’ without extensions. It is preferable for the file name to include an extension and fully identify the data.

A machine readable data dictionary would be useful; one that defines the days and periods.

Perhaps using a similar day description format to GTFS calendar format which can be unpivotted in most tools.

SRVY_YR,Measures,monday ,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday,sunday,start_time,end_time

Hi Mat,

The files are currently named:

Fare Compliance estimates_2012 to 2016.csv
Data Dictionary.csv

I don’t have any problems downloading with the correct name and extension, but it could be related to the spaces in the files names. I have replaced the spaces with an underscore - please try again

Thanks, Stephanie

Regarding these data:

  1. The last survey for the category “Sydney Metro Bus (Total)” was May 22. Was a survey conducted in May 23, and if so, is it going to be published soon?
  2. Regarding the methodology, there are only 3 time periods classified - am peak (6am-10am), pm peak (3pm-7pm), and off-peak (all other times). Given how broad the off-peak classification is, could this be broken down into a more precise range?

Appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

Hi @loconnor ,

the May 23 results have been published. For your second question, I’ll have to go back to the team to raise. I’ll let you know how I get one :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Thanks, Marcela. I appreciate your help!


Was a survey conducted in November 2023, and will it be added to the dataset?

Thank you.