On Demand Pilots - Patronage

Monthly patronage data for the NSW On Demand bus and electric bike pilots.

The numbers represent total successful trips (ie. where the passenger boarded and alighted the vehicle – excluding customer cancellations, no-shows, and rejected bookings)

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Hi, Please complement data to link on Demand Patronage and On Demand Timetables at the moment the datasets are not compatible, with both datasets missing information when in reallity should match. thanks

Good day, please supply data for the inner west on demand public transport https://transportnsw.info/travel-info/ways-to-get-around/on-demand/inner-west , thanks

Hi @Gbedoya1, patronage data for Inner West on demand is available in the “Monthly Opal Bus Trip by Operator” data available here Opal Trips - Bus | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal under SBSC Contract 6.

Unfortunately the On Demand Patronage and On Demand GTFS Timetables were not intended to be used together, and there is no development work in scope at this stage.

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Is there any way to get access to more granular level data on this? I am conducting some research and need finer grained results if that is possible. Is there a way to get arrivals and departures by SA1?

Are there also maps of the zones that the on demand trials covered?

It is hard to find the zones that were covered for previous trials