Epsg 4326


Hey I am trying to consume the new trip planner API, but not sure how to format the normal Latitude/Longitude coordinates to EPSG 4326? Anyone can share a example? Thanks


Hey @sunnyy02,

EPSG 4326 / WGS84 is what one would colloquially call “normal Latitude/Longitude”.

The coordinates provided to and returned by the Trip Planner API are in EPSG 4326 by default.

Are you trying to transform to another coordinate system other than EPSG 4326?


Thanks, jxeeno for your quick reply. I have tried to use normal coordinates like this “…type_origin=any&name_origin=151.06488:-33.84801:EPSG:4326&type_destination=an…”, but the response is always empty. But if I swap it with stop id, then it will return something. That is why I thought the coordinates need to be convert to EPSG.


Have you tried using type_origin=coord?

The request works fine for me:



Yes! that fix the issue. Many thanks.