Live Traffic Site Status

Current status of the Live Traffic NSW website in JSON format.

Public URI:

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I’ve been using this endpoint but I have an issue with the “geometry” as many library refuse to validate the format:
The type of geometry is spelled in capital : “type”:“POINT”
It should be spelled with a 1st capital letter only : “type”:“Point”

I’ve used to check some responses.


Hi @fredswg. Thanks for flagging this. This error can cause conflict when trying to ingest the file into ArcGIS/Esri – is that the problem you are experiencing?

Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be quickly rectified. The potential work arounds are:
• Use a python script to transfer POINT to Point
• Using QGis to ingest the file without any transformation – this app is handles the error as is

Hope this helps.


thanks for the update. I was expecting this reason of the error.

In the meantime I’ve put in place the 1st solution.

Would it be possible, on your side, to add a batch that would correct the files ?

Kind regards