Empty train

What does it mean in the GTFS timetable when it says that a train is empty?

Hi @AnetteTuef, it’s for a train that is about to terminate. The “empty train” denotes its headsign and will change to it when approaching its last stop. In the documentation this is described as:

“If the headsign changes during a trip, an override is specified in stop_headsign field in stop_times.txt.”


Thank you!

So does this mean that they are normal trains but their headsign differs to the headsign in the GTFS?

@AnetteTuef yes that seems to be the case because it will change to “empty train” after the second last stop before terminating.

Thanks so much! And for trips that have no headsign at all, or this headsign: “Does Not Pick Up”
Are they real trains we can expose to users?
if so, which headsign should we give them? also the one from the stop times?