Bug in csv response of Traffic Volume API

I’m sending a query to the road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent table requesting a csv back with a large number of columns back

  params: {
      format: 'csv',
      q: `
        FROM road_traffic_counts_station_reference REF
      JOIN road_traffic_counts_hourly_permanent SUMM ON REF.STATION_KEY=SUMM.STATION_KEY
      WHERE YEAR='2019'
        AND STATION_ID='33023'
        AND DAY_OF_WEEK IN ('1', '2', '3', '4', '5')

If you request more than 10 columns in my SELECT then the ordering of the columns in the CSV goes whacky. For example the response to the above is

hour_05,	hour_00,	hour_02,	hour_03,	hour_04,	hour_01,	hour_06,	hour_07,	hour_08,	hour_09,	hour_10

Notice that hour_05 is the first column.

If I request 1 fewer columns then it works fine.

All the data appears however it’s just kind of annoying :slight_smile:


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