Arduino Library / Examples?


From Googling around it looks like the best way to build an Arduino project using GTFSR is via an intermediary device that converts the GTFSR to JSON or other. Would it even be possible to do it all natively on an Arduino or similar?



Assume you have seen this article which sounds similar to what you are doing. Seems as if getting it natively is impossible…

But will leave it to the more intelligent folk on this forum to advise!


Yea, that link is like many others where there is basically another device in the mix… surely there is a way to do it on Arduino only. I think the approach would be to parse in real time and treat it as a state machine (not storing anything along the way since there is so little memory). I just don’t have the skillz/time to do it. :slight_smile:


There does not appear to be a native C binding for GTFS Realtime so thats the problem and why people use an intermediary device to do the conversion.


At this page it suggests that there is support for C++ which according to this page is acceptable. I’m way out of my depth though in connecting the two.