Trip Planner API - web interface options (transport modes & to/from transport)

Is it possible to specify options available through the Trip Planner web interface when using the Trip Planner API:
Modes of transport - web interface can select/deselect Train/Bus/Ferry/School Bus etc.
Walk speed - web interface can select Slow/Normal/Fast
To and from transport - web interface can choose Walk (with time limit) or Taxi/Drive

The Trip Planner API does not seem to have parameters for these options.I would like to exclude School Bus and Coach and select Taxi/Drive when doing the trip planning.

Hi Tim

Yes, these parameters can definitely be set. I thought they would be in the API documentation but can’t see it - let me check with some people and I’ll get back to you.



HI Tim

Sorry for the delay. We will update the documentation to include these options.


Hi Tim
The documentation for the API has now been updated to include the options you asked about.
Let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know!