Timetables Complete GTFS Contains duplicates

The Timetable Complete GTFS contains duplicates for route stops. I have attached screenshots of a couple of routes to demonstrate. It appears that route is coming up twice for each time but with different trip_ids. How can I solve this, as I really need data without duplicates for my work?

Hi @achoen, thanks for posting. Although it may look like there are duplicates, ensure you are referencing against both calendar.txt and calendar_dates.txt. You may also find this document helpful: Reference  |  Static Transit  |  Google Developers

I am still learning how to use GTFS data so forgive me for this basic question, but how do I go about referencing against both calendar and calaender_dates to remove what I perceive to be the duplicates?

@acohen if you refer to the GTFS reference document, there are samples of how a GTFS feed is put together.

This discussion here may also help :slight_smile: