Sydneytrains method from "Public Transport - Realtime Vehicle Positions API" is NOT working


I am not able to get any response data / train trip data from sydneytrains method of below URL:

I tried invoking method using the inline invocation option provided in the below page.!/sydneytrains/GetSydneyTrains

I created application and it gave me the API key. When I tried to invoke method by selecting Authentication Type: API Key, Application :“My App”, API Key: [populated automatically based on application]. I clicked “Ty it out” button but I didn’t get response data, instead I got below response.

Request URL:
Response Code: 0
Response Headers: “error”: “no response from server”

Am I missing any other input parameters to the method: sydneytrains ?


Hi @ppolepally, I’m getting a response from that endpoint, can’t see any issues. Did you make sure to add the dataset to your app after you created your application?

Have a look at our user guide -