Sydney Trains Realtime Carriage IDs

Hi, for Sydney Trains realtime vehicle positions, they vehicle ID is formed by “carriage identification numbers forming a train” and it looks like this 7654.7655.7656.7657.8532.8533.8534.8535. However, when I look at the trains in say Redfern etc. the trains carriages IDs look something like D5106, N1234… etc. What are the vehicle IDs presented in the realtime feed?

The identifiers are masked, presumably to prevent identification.


Thanks. Do they mean anything at all given they are masked?

Yeah, that’s a good question!

@alejandro.felman Do you know if it’s possible, for example, to decode any meaning (e.g. the train type: T set) from the masked carriage numbers? I know the scheduled set is provided in the trip ID, but would be great to get the actual train type used if things change.

They’re sequentially allocated numbers from a database - they have no meaning and cannot be reliably used to track the movements of a train carriage within a day of operation. They will remain consistent within the lifecycle of a trip - ie. it departing the first stop to arriving at the last stop.