How exactly do I connect a tripId I find in alerts to a human-readable train description?

I’m kind of a beginner, but I have found the documentation and website very confusing.

I’m accessing the feed and seeing that this train:

"tripId": "286E.1387.139.2.H.8.72896964",

is marked as ‘running late’, ‘due to an issue with a freight train’.

How do I marry "286E.1387.139.2.H.8.72896964" up with other data to get “10:30 from City to Lidcombe” or whatever?

I’ve downloaded the zip file with trips.txt and the other files inside it, but that specific ID isn’t anywhere in trips.txt and there’s a note that “Identifiers do not match the GTFS-realtime APIs and data.” so … how can I get the information I need?


Hi @AmbroseChapel, realtime trip IDs will match to the realtime bundles here: Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime - Dataset - TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal
In this case use the /sydneytrains bundle.

Thank you! Sorry for the delay in replying.