Stockton Ferry included in bus data?

It looks like the Stockton Ferry (i.e. a Ferry not a bus) is being included in the busses timetable and realtime feed.

Here’s the data from the GTFS static timetable:
Route ID: 3000_Stkn
Short name: Stkn
Long name: Stockton Ferry

Should this not be included in the Ferries feed?


Hi @katharos, the Stockton Ferry is managed by Newcastle Transport. They include both buses and the Stockton Ferry in their file so you will have to filter it out by looking at route_type for example. This is done because they don’t have a separate ferries file and the Stockton Ferry is not in the main ferries file since it’s not operated by Sydney Ferries. Hope that made sense, let me know if you have any further questions.


Sure it’s workable, just thought it seemed like a bug.