Ferries Timetable Feed Down?

Hi, it appears that the ferries timetable real-time feed is down this morning? I was getting some 401 / requested resource not found error.


Hi @hkotfnsw, looking into it, I’ll keep you updated.


Hi @alejandro.felman, any ETA on this issue? Thanks.

Hi @hkotfnsw, unfortunately we haven’t resolved this issue yet. Appears to be a glitch with the generation of the file. To be clear, this is only an issue with the GTFS bundle, the real-time feed is working correctly.

If you need it, I can post the latest bundle here from this morning. Let me know.


Latest ferries GTFS bundle, generated this morning:

google_transit.zip (64.9 KB)

Hi there,

Is there an ETA as to when this feed will be back within the normal URL of https://api.transport.nsw.gov.au/v1/gtfs/schedule/sydneytrains ?

Hi @markerpen, this issue is only to do with the ferries bundle. The URL you’re referring to is for trains, which is working correctly.

Ferry bundle issue still not resolved. Here’s the latest bundle, generated this morning.

google_transit.zip (64.8 KB)

The issue with the ferries bundle has now been resolved. It is now publishing as usual. Thanks

@hkotfnsw @markerpen

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That’s great, thanks.