Realtime Trip Updates API returnes unreadable response

I’m trying to use the Public Transport - Realtime Trip Updates API, specific for buses.
The response I get (even in the “Try it out!” in the site) is a gibrish (probably encoded) but I don’t know how to decode it. weird. would love if someone knows what to do.

Response example:
50595921:53:0020190903 *2433_758 ��������"276048(!��������"a2760174(!ب��ب��"a2760175( ب��ب��"276017( ب��ب��"276018( ��������"276019( a��������"276020(!Щ��Щ��"a2770190(!

Hi @shahar, welcome to our forum!

Our APIs return a response in binary format. You need to use our protobuf file to convert the data into readable text and also apply our modifications. You can learn more about this on our Troubleshooting page.

In the API explorer you can simply turn on the debug parameter to ‘true’ before clicking the “Try it out!” button. When debug is set to true the response is retrieved in a readable text based format.

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