Public Transport - Location Facilities and Operators

Operator contact details & location facilities for train stations, wharves & bus interchanges.

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It looks like the Location facilities dataset is missing all the metro stations + Epping & Chatswood. Could we get those added back in?

Hi @jxeeno, Metro stations have now been added to the dataset.

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Is there anyways to link this data to Stop IDs in the GTFS feed(s)? Or is there another source for Stop and facilities data?

Hi @rossc

Yes the Parent Station (Stop IDs) used in the individual GTFS feeds (Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink) is the same as the TSNs listed in the LocationFacilitiesData file.

We’ll update the description for clarity.

Also… we’re looking to update the location facilities file to include the Metro stations again.

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Is it possible to add which facilities (train stations, ferry wharves and light rail stops) that have drinking water fountain facilities, including water bottle refill stations) to this dataset?

Hi @Beau, thanks for your message. We are currently reviewing several location facilities datasets. We will have an update soon. Cheers.