PTMS Sydney Metro v2 GTFS feed

Sydney Metro v1 static GTFS-S and Trip Update and Vehicle Positions GTFS-R feeds will be transitioning to Sydney Metro v2 GTFS-S and GTFS-R feeds.

The new v2 feed is using Public Transport Messaging Services (PTMS), which is a suite of TXC and SIRI messages implemented to provide scheduled timetable and real-time information.

These feeds are produced via the same systems as our current CSELR GTFS feeds and will include occupancy information for the vehicle. Please note, occupancy information for each individual carriage is not currently supported however it will be coming soon.

We have detailed documentation on the new V2 Metro feeds here.

All users will need to transition to the V2 feed data by 21 February 2024. The Metro V1 feed will be decommissioned sometime soon after.

The version 2 Metro feeds can be browsed here:
Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime v2
Public Transport - Realtime Vehicle Positions v2
Public Transport - Realtime Trip Update v2

If you wish to parse the additional information now available in the vehicle position feed, the proto file in these datasets should be used. It includes TfNSW assigned GTFS-R extension 1007 for extra information such as carriage based occupancy levels. Find the proto file here.

Legacy API endpoints (will be unsupported)

New API endpoints

Afternoon All,

An announcement for the Metro V2 feed:

To allow more time for validation and assurance of the Metro V2 feed, and to ensure that we are providing a good passenger experience, Transport is recommending a delay in the use of the Metro V2 data feed previously scheduled for a 21st February transition and for users to retain the use of the Metro V1 as the production Metro feed.

We have identified some inconsistencies through live testing of the Metro V2 feed which we are working to resolve. The V1 production feed will be available through March and we will keep you updated on new transition dates.

If you have started using V2 please be aware of these anomalies and revert back to V1 if appropriate. We would welcome and value any feedback you have on the new Metro V2 data feed.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

:metro:Update: Transport have consulted with relevant stakeholders and have agreed the new transition date as of 25 March 2024.

Please ensure that you have transitioned from the use of Metro V1 feed to Metro V2 feed on your application by this date.

For any feedback or queries please contact OpenDataHelp.

We will keep you updated on any new developments as we receive them. :metro: